Picture of Ian

Welcome to my side of life, a creative look into who I am and what I want to do throughout my existence here on this earth. Currently I am a 24 year old recent graduate sifting through all that life has to offer, currently employed at Watermark Press, a print shop, in the city. More importantly I am an individual who has begun to fall head over heels for web design and all of its very integral components, css, xhtml, flash, actionscript 3.0, javascript. I have found as of late that designing sites is what brings comfort to my days after the long hard hours of work. For this some may call me nerdy or just overly fixated on my computer screen, but I love to design and code and love to see what roads it can take me on.

This webpage was created as a personal portfolio to showcase my graphical talents. So please feel free to look through and examine my past works.